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Project Description
TFS Embed Work Items In Check-In Comments allows developers to embed work items in their check-in comments, making it easier than finding and selecting the work items via queries. It consists of a C# server side event handler and optional Check-In Policies in C# and Java.

User experience
From either Visual Studio or Eclipse, using Team Explorer Everywhere, a developer can include one or more work item ids in the check-in comment during a TFS check-in:

Visual Studio:


Team Explorer Everywhere/Eclipse:


Multiple work items can be referenced, each within square brackets:


As a result the changeset will have the referenced work item(s) linked, with exactly the same effect as selecting work items in the pending changes view:


This has been impletented using a server side Event Handler and therefore there is no need for a client machine installation or configuration, however the project also includes a Team Explorer Everywhere check-in policy and a Visual Studio check-in policy to validate that the check-in comments do contain work item ids, and that those work item ids are valid. This policy is called "Work Item In Comments Policy":


The check-in policies will not associate the work items with the changeset; the event handler is required to complete the link.

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